Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sroka Survivor: OBX episode 1

Due to internet difficulties, we are a few days behind.... This is from Sunday....

Sunday was a SPECIAL day because it was Brooke's 3rd birthday! :) So Mandy made a beautiful cake...

and here's the birthday girl...
It was Matt and Emily's night to make dinner. They make yummmmmy shishcabobs!
Once the girls were in bed, it was time to let the games begin! .... We started by making teams. We had papers in a bag with either the number 1 or 2. Whichever number you picked, thats what team you were on. We then took a few minutes to come up with our team names and a little strategy if need be.... Here's what it came to be.... (***note: I cannot be held accountable for the other teams name...***)

After teams were chosen we then started our first individual immunity. If a player wins individual immunity they may give it to another player if they choose. If their team is not up for trbal council, then they may give immunity to someone on the other team....Our Individual Immunity game for tonight was wering a pedometer on your head for thirty seconds and however got the most "steps" won. Here is a little taste of the fun haha....

Bert's turn:

PopPop's turn:

After all was said and done, Emily won with 128 "steps" in 30 seconds (shew!). Here is proud Emily with the immunity tiara.
But don't worry my friends, the night is still young. We still have tribe immunity up for grabs. To decide which tribe had to go to tribal council, we played a cornhole tournament.

After three tense games, Lake Kick-A-Butt Tribe won! Watch the videos below to see how Tribal Council turns out:

The votes are in:

So after our first day of Survivor, TryMyNuts Tribe choked and kicked off a strong player. See you next time on Sroka Survivor: OBX

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