Thursday, July 22, 2010

OBX: Wrap up

It has been almost a week since we left Corolla - Outer Banks, North Carolina. I guess its about time that we wrapped up that portion of our summer on the blog.
Survivor: OBX proved to be a bit of a bust this year. After Josh was voted out on Day 1, the Trymynuts Tribe lost the immunity challenge again. This time, Matt was voted out... ... he looks pretty sad with his bags packed in this picture, but it was his own vote for himself that sealed his fate. This trend continued when the Trymynuts Tribe lost a third consecutive immunity challenge on Day 3. The last three tribe members, Gigi, Mandy, & Emily all voted out Gigi... yes, that means Gigi voted for herself. On Day 4, the Lake Kick-A-Butt Tribe finally lost their first immunity challenge. All five tribal votes were cast for Pop-pop, resulting in another case of ousted player voting for themselves. It was obvious that nobody wanted to hurt any feelings - which is a good thing, but not the best scenario for a no-holds-barred family Survivor battle. Jeff Probst would be disappointed. In hindsight, we should have stipulated from the beginning that you could not vote for yourself, but nonetheless the excitment of Survivor: OBX had been lost and the final days of the trip were filled with more wholesome activities.
On Wednesday, Laura and I took our girls and cousin, Emma, to the North Carolina Aquarium in Manteo - about an hour from our house in Corolla. Because we are annual members at the Maryland Zoo, we get free admission to many other zoos and aquariums throughout the country, this being one of them. It was much smaller and not nearly as great as the National Aquarium in Baltimore, but for free admission, we weren't complaining. It was a great way to spend a rainy day.
Here are Maeby, Emma, & Kinzie posing in front of one of the tanks.
Maeby really enjoyed seeing the fish! She pointed and talked to everything in sight.
There was a nice little park on the aquarium property (right on the water), so we took a few pictures after the clouds parted.
Laura poses with the girls by the fountain.
Our last few days at the Lady of the Lake house in Corolla were relaxing and lot of fun.
Kinzie and Maeby really enjoyed the trip!
And Gigi & Pop-pop spent lots of quality time with each of their granddaughters.
Kinzie helped Gigi work on some of her homemade jewelry...
... and Pop-pop tickled Maeby silly!
Many of you have already heard details from our post-Corolla trip to Ocracoke Island, but for those who haven't, you'll have to wait for the next blog post....

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