Friday, January 29, 2010

Playoff Recap

Laura and I watched "Julie & Julia" last night (because apparently Netflix thinks its funny to send you a movie that is actually 15th in your queue). Anyway, it got us talking about blogs and we realized that while Laura usually does the summer blogging, I've been dropping the ball lately. So here is a little recap of the last few weeks. (... I hope Erin doesn't mind me "stealing" her photos. She is the memory-keeper, after all)We hosted a "front-yard" tailgate for the Ravens/Colts AFC divisional playoff game on Saturday, January 16th. While the result of the game sent everyone home unhappy, the pre-game festivities were very fun! Will and Brittany brought the fire pit to keep us all warm.
We had lots of food - everything from pizza to steamed shrimp to taco dip to buffalo wings to taquitos...
Everyone brought their kids. Here is Dustin posing with Ian and our own Maeby.
Justin & Sam brought Jackson dressed in his Ravens gear!
Brothers rocking our goofy Ravens hats.
The Taylor family stayed warm in the front yard.
I'm pretty sure that Mike had a purple shirt on somewhere under all those layers.
.... meanwhile, Mackinzie and her cousin Emma supported the Ravens by wearing matching Cinderella dresses.
So obviously, like I said, the Ravens disappointed everyone in the end, but we did it up right that night.
Laura and I just arrived home from a long weekend in Tampa, Florida. We celebrated her birthday on Friday, January 22 and my birthday on Monday, January 25. (My 30th) My cousin, Beth took lots of pictures, so I'm hoping to get my hands on some copies soon and maybe I'll post a new blog again soon.