Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Caught Up....

So I've been catching some grief for the lack up updates on the blog lately, so I figured I'd keep this one short and sweet and give the people what they really want:
Pictures of our beautiful girls!
Maeby enjoying a day at the Maryland Zoo in her Peg Perego Skate.
Sisters cuddling on a Saturday morning...
.... watching TV in mommy & daddy's bed.
Mackinzie riding the Zebra on the carousel at the Zoo.
Maeby, hamming it up as a box turtle.
Mackinzie, hamming it up at Gigi's on Mother's Day.
Maeby laying comfortably in her pink camo Boppy.
The girls at Mackinzie's Monday night gymnastics class.
Maeby, chilling on an Mimi's ottoman.
Sister kisses!
That's it for now. Hopefully this will tide you all over till the next big post!