Monday, July 27, 2009

The last Disney Park & the last Character breakfast

We picked MiMi up from the airport on Wednesday evening. (yayy!) Then Thursday for dinner we headed back to (you guessed it....) Margaritaville! We aren't sure who got more of our money during this trip Disney or Buffett haha...
Here's daddy and his two girls waiting outside...
daddy in his glory...and the brainfreeze that came with it haha...

And here's daddy with his youngest in front of Jimmy's plane...
Then Friday we did our last day at the Disney parks! We started off at Holleywood Studios where Bert auditioned for Aerican idol.....
He didn't make it, but thats because the lady was a crazy woman (enough said ;)) ....
We went to playhouse disney and as you can see Kinzie liked this alot!
It was a really cute show and Kinzie had a front row seat
We got to meet Buzz LightYear and Woody... in the line to wait there were many photo-ops!
Oh no, Kinzie! Look out!!
Of course daddy thought he could do it better than kinzie... haha
She was not very excited about being attached to a rocket and flying all over the neighborhood
then we met Woody!
and Buzz...
heres the whole gang
outside was a green army man (geez, he had to be hot!)
Then we took a long hot boatride over to epcot... we walked around the world and met a few lovely friends... such as belle in france :)
Mackinzie LOVED her! "She is soooo beautiful"
In Germany we had to make Grandpop jealous by stopping for the best soft pretzels EVER!
The whole walk around the world, Kinzie kept saying "when are we gonna get to China" because she reaaaalllly wanted to meet Mulan. When we got there...there was no Mulan, but we bought a beautiful umbrella to match Kinzies fan (see previous charleston posts). The ladies working there told us Mulan would be out shortly. Here is the umbrella and they write her name in chinese on it....well.... at least we hope it says her name haha...
Then Mulan came out!
Mulan was fun :) She was showing Kinzie how to peek out of it like they do in the movie
After a few rides, we wanted to head back to Morocco to try to meet Aladdin...on the way in Germany we got to meet Snow White!
When we got to Morocco we waited 20 minutes for Aladdin and jasmine to come out and then the photographer told us they actually wouldn't be coming out for another 45 minutes (forget that!)
So Bert and I did a spaceship ride where it feels like you are actually in a spaceship going to outerspace. It was crazy! I was a nervous wreck in line for this! Then as we are standing on our spots about to get on.. this lady in front of me asks her husband "Isn't this the ride a man died on" (WHAT!??).... then as I sit in my seat, the 10 year old boy next to me kindly shows me where the barf bag is but asks me nicely to turn my head the opposite way if I do need to... you know... haha... so my job in this ride is pilot (nice, right?) so during the ride it tells me to push some button or something or another and since I was spending my time freaking out instead of listening i had no idea what to do... so the little 10 year old boy pushes my button for me and sarcastically says "This is why woman should not be allowed to drive!" hahhahah.... what a funny little kid!! :) Anyway... I survived! And it was pretty fun!
Then we took the hot boat ride back to hollywood studios....Kinzie was sleeping so Mimi sat outside with her while Bert and I road the Aerosmith RocknRollercoaster twice and then we got on the tower of terror twice (we used fast passes from the previous visit a week ago and no one noticed.... Bert felt like the man!.... and as he said.... we were..... "stickin it to the mouse!"
So then the next morning we got up and headed to the Contemporary Resort to have breakfast at Chef Mickey's.
We got to meet Mickey.... goofy...
and Donald Duck!
This was the closest we could come to Minnie holding Delaney. You can see how thrilled Maeby is haha...
heres daddy, donald, and the girls
And MiMi and Maeby
And Mimi and both her girls
We decided to head to downtown disney one last time after breakfast to give us our Disney experience closure .... heres daddy and his girls with the pirate

And Beautiful Mackinzie with her Minnie Mouse ears :) I love this picture :)

So we are done with our 3 character meals, and our 3 hopper days at Disney. We are spending just a couple relaxing (and for bert - working) days before we head back to Maryland on Wednesday! It was a WONDERFUL vacation in which we fully spoiled ourselves and our girls! But we do look forward to being home and spending time with our friends and families! We miss you! See you soon!!

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